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Aging Modernity, Reconfiguration of Urban Space, Migration and Subalternity

Aging Modernity, Reconfiguration of Urban Space, Migration and Subalternity

 Convener: Shu-Fen Lin

This group of projects addresses issues such as population decline, shrinking labor force, wage stagnation, debt, mass poverty and growing disparity faced by the so-called “developed” countries through the lens of “aging modernity”; it also investigates into the impacts of and responses to the changing mode of capital accumulation, development strategy, and the governance of space and migration, with the focus on displacement, the formation of the invisible subaltern social groups, the self-organization of (im)migrants, and the right to the city.

Subproject IV aims to explore the structural roots of important contradictions and conflicts in the development of contemporary society, as well as the specific situation and response of those oppressed in the developing process.
In the first two years, as the main empirical research objects, this subproject focuses on the problems which were caused by industrialization in different stages in Hsinchu County since the 1970s to the present. Along with different research focuses, the members of Subproject IV are conducting on archive collection and field interviews concerning the economic development of Hsinchu Science Park, Science City and Hsinchu (Hukou) Industrial Zone and Special economic zone, and other issues related to the reconstruction of urban space and infrastructure, population migration, actors' social networks and ecological environment. 
The scope of work in the next three years will be three: (1) to continuously accumulate, integrate research data, and to establish an analytical framework; (2) to publish periodic research results; (3) to connect academic communities in South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and other places and to develop comparative studies.

Each subproject is answering part of the research problem of the joint project:

Subproject IV “Aging Modernity, Reconfiguration of Urban Space, Migration and Subalternity” focuses on questions of controversies over land, the reconstruction and redistribution of urban space and infrastructure, population migration, community building and development, actors’ social networks, and ecological environment involved the development of the Special Economic Zone in Hsinchu (Hukou) Industrial Zone, Hsinchu Science Park, and the Hsinchu Science city from the 1970s to today. Researchers in our subproject have conducted basic investigation and field interviews, and have developed (1) An analytical structure based on the “new border” and the “organic republic” to examine the impact of Hsinchu Science City (for which the Hsinchu Science Park is the core) on the local communities in Hsinchu, as well as the local responses; (2) A research perspective that focuses on the “military-industrial complex” and “migration system” and examines the postwar development of the Hukou Industrial Zone and its surrounding areas, and the migration problems resulting from it. Several members from this subproject will publish the first investigation report that covers the operation of the migrant worker brokering system in Taiwan and four other countries that export migrant labor. This report will serve as important background knowledge for further investigation into the system, network, and the production of space of international labor migration in the Hukou Industrial Zone.

*Heterotopia: Revisiting Hsinchu Industrial Park&Neighborhood— Shu-Fen Lin, Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung University

*Subalternity and Social Invisibility—Alain Brossat, Philosophy, Université Paris 8 /Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung University

*The New Frontier: Assembling a Technopolis in Taiwan—Ya-Chung Chuang, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Chiao Tung University

*The Institutions, Networks and Space Shaping of Transnational Labor Migration—Chiung-Chih Chen, Postdoctoral Researcher, National Chiao Tung University