2017/10/31~11/3 Román Domínguez Jiménez TALKS( Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)--American Mechanics

This is an image地點:國立交通大學人社二館106A教室 
VENUE: Room 106A , HA Building 2, National Chiao Tung University
講 題:

1.  American Mechanics 1: On The Genealogy of The Name America, from cartography to contemporary filmmaking

Keywords: Americas, différend, projection, mirroring, ruins, western (genre), modern myth

Authors: J.-F. Lyotard, Gilbert Simondon, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jurgis Baltrušaitis (Lithuanian art historian) Edmundo O’Gorman (Mexican historian), Miguel Rojas Mix (Chilean historian) Alfonso Reyes (Mexican writer), J. L. Borges, Victoria Ocampo (Argentinian writers), Lisandro Alonso (Argentinian filmmaker), Kelly Reichardt (American filmmaker)Paz Encina (Paraguayan filmmaker)


2.    American Mechanics 2: From the Lettered City to The Gesture City: Mexico City in Alfonso Ruizpalacios’ eros (2014)

Keywords: écriture, gesture, techno-aesthetics, road-movie

Authors: Angel Rama (Uruguayan literary critic), Alain Brossat, Giorgio Agamben, Roberto Bolaño (Chilean writer), Carlos Monsiváis (Mexican essayist), Enrique Dussel (Mexican-Argentinian philosopher), Walter Mignolo (Argentinian literary theorist), Alfonso Ruizpalacios (Mexican Filmmaker)


3.    American Mechanics 3: Political gestures in Latin-American Cinema: Fernando de Fuentes El Compadre Mendoza, Glauber Rocha’s Aesthetics of Hunger and Dreaming and Mayolo and Ospina’s The Vampires of Poverty


Keywords: political memory, Brazilian cinema Novo, Mexican Revolution, CaliwoodPost-colonial Theory

Authors: Friedrich Nietzsche, Gilles Deleuze, J.-L. Déotte, W. Benjamin, Simon Reynolds, Claude Lanzmann, Lucrecia Martel (Argentinian filmmaker), Amat Escalante, Fernando de Fuentes  (Mexican filmmakers), Glauber Rocha (Brazilian filmmaker), Carlos Mayolo, Luis Ospina (Colombian filmmakers). 

Before joining the Faculty Staff at the Aesthetics Institute of The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in 2013, Roman Dominguez worked and studied in France, where he finished a Ph. Degree in Philosophy in 2012 at the Paris 8 University with a thesis under the direction of Professor Alain Brossat: “Rhythm, Gesture and Montage, Towards a technologico-politics through the means of cinema”. Before, he was a Bachelor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and the Mexican Council of Science (CONACYT) granted him a scholarship in order to enable his PH D in France.
During his Parisian graduate years, Mr. Dominguez, along with Adolfo Vera and Professor Emeritus Jean-Louis Déotte, run a Film and Philosophy Seminar at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord, an Institution supported by the Paris 8 and Paris 13 Universities along with the French National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS).
Mr. Dominguez uses to write in Spanish and French about film, contemporary continental philosophy, and the new forms of subjectivity that arise through new digital technologies in reviews such as Appareil.org, Aesthesis (Catholic University of Chile), and El Resplandor, Revista de cine de la Universidad de Valparaíso. Right now, he is preparing the publication of the adaptation of the French and Spanish versions of his Ph. D. Thesis and an Essay on Black Mirror British TV series and new media technologies.
His philosophical interests are mainly in the field of the relationship between aesthetics, technology, popular culture and politics, and between his most beloved authors and directors we can found Borges, Ozu, Lyotard, Deleuze, Murnau, W. Benjamin, Béla Tarr, Nietzsche, Lars Von Trier, Godard, Simondon, Bergman, Georges Bataille, Gilbert Simondon, Friedrich Kittler, Harmut Rosa, Carlos Monsivais and Octavio Paz. Besides his intellectual interests, Mr. Dominguez also loves Mexican and French cuisines, Mexico City popular slang and American Football.