10/24~11/01 Lecture:Mária Strašáková Lecture Series

  • 2018-10-11
  • emily
  • IICS
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講者:Mária Strašáková (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)
Maria Strasakova is currently a Senior Lecturer at Palacky University in Olomouc. She also teaches in the Department of Asian Studies, Metropolitan University Prague. She is based this semester at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) in Singapore.
She graduated in Vietnamese Studies and Sociology at Charles University in Prague, where she completed her Ph.D. in 2011. Her thesis was on The Life and Writings of Nguyen Tuong Tam – Nhat Linh. 
She is also a Board member of the European Association of Southeast Asian Studies (EUROSEAS). Her monographs and articles have centered on the history and literature of Vietnam as well as security issues in Asia. 
Lecture: The Development of the Modern Vietnamese Novel during French Colonial Rule (1862-1945) 
Chairs:陳奕麟教授 (交大社文所合聘教授/中央研究院民族所研究員)
Date:2018/10/24  (Wed) 14:00-17:00
Venue:Room 106A, HA Building 2, NCTU
Lecture: Sino-Vietnamese Relations and the Belt and Road Initiative: Opportunities and Challenges
Chairs:10/26林育生助理研究員 (中央研究院人文社會科學研究中心)
Date:2018/10/26  (Fri) 12:00-14:00
Venue:Room 2319, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taipei
Workshop:Czech Sinophone Borderlands Project
Chairs:陳奕麟教授 (交大社文所合聘教授/中央研究院民族所研究員)
Date:2018/11/01 (Thu) 12:00-13:30  
Venue:Room  B10, HA Building 2, NCTU
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經費來源: 高等教育深耕計畫─特色領域研究中心計畫:「衝突、正義、解殖:亞際社會批判研究」 
主辦單位: 國立交通大學/台聯大系統文化研究國際中心、交通大學社會與文化研究所、亞際文化研究國際碩士學位學程(台灣聯合大學系統)