文化研究國際中心週三演講:James Steintrager教授主講,講題:Writing the Asian Gilded Age: Global Capital and World Literature

主題:Writing the Asian Gilded Age: Global Capital and World Literature
James Steintrager目前是UC-Irvine著名的Critical Theory Institute 的主任,他主要研究的方向,是美學研究、比較文學、電影理論、文化生產等,著有The Autonomy of Pleasure: Libertines, License, and Sexual Revolution(Columbia University Press, forthcoming October 2015), Cruel delight: Enlightenment Culture and Inhuman(2004)。這次來訪的短期系列講座Millennial Cinema in Theory and Practice,內容以東亞電影為主,包括香港、大陸、臺灣等導演之影片為例,講授電影工業全球化的形成與影響,並援用文化理論。
Description: Starting with Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger (2008), satirical adaptions of self-help books, corporate management manifestos, and business how-to guides have become something of a staple of an explicitly world-oriented and Asian-centered literature written in English. Transforming and to an extent displacing more familiar postcolonial literature focused on cultural and political identities, novels such as Mohsin Hamid’s How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia and Tash Aw’s Five Star Billionaire attend to property markets, international finance, transport logistics, and ubiquitous telecommunication. But what do novels and novelists really know of such matters? In this talk, I consider what might be called the fictional sociologies of violence, taste, and dislocated social relations in such depictions of the Asian gilded age. 
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