111社文所新聘專任教師葉蔭聰課程 網絡政治:個人、群體與衝突 Cyber-politics: Individuals, Communities, and Contestations

  • 2022-09-05
  • Cindy




(英文)Cyber-politics: Individuals, Communities, and Contestations


Introduction/ 概述

This course connects the analysis of the technical features and design of digital and information-communication technologies (ICTs) to selfhood, social norms, meanings, and contestations. It encourages students to 1) look critically at our relations to existing technologies and 2) imagine creatively how they could be different. We read recent texts in new media studies with reference to the cultural forms and workings of ICTs such as search engines, tags, like buttons, filters, and algorithm, etc. We examine such technologies in the contexts of everyday life, work, consumption, participation, affect, and identity.

本課程把數碼及資訊傳播科技的技術及設計與自我構成、社會規範、意義及衝突連結起來,並鼓勵學生(1)批判地看待我們與科技的關係;(2) 創造性地想象如何扭轉這些關係。我們會閱讀新媒體研究的重要文本,聚焦在資訊傳播科技的文化形成及運作,包括搜尋器、標籤、點「讚」、過濾器、演算法等等,並放在日常生活、工作、消費、參與、情感與身份認同作考察。


-Enabling students to produce informed and theoretical accounts of the technical workings and the logics of ICTs in the everyday life;

-Strengthening students’ ability to analyze how digital communication technologies relate to the cultural context;

-Offering analytical tools for students to explain the ethical and political aspects of digital communication technologies and to make a new sense of the meanings of being “netizens”;

-Inspiring students to critically examine the creative design of ICTs and the deviant practices of use.