Open Postdoctoral Positions

  • 2018-04-27
  • 蘇 淑芬

Open Postdoctoral Positions,
International Center for Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung University
International Institute for Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan

Job Description:

  1. Implement the ICCS’s long-term project -- Conflict, Justice, and Decolonization: Critical Studies of Inter-Asian Societies.
  2. Devote at least half of the working hours to assist the ICCS & IICS’s administration, such as English editing, publication, academic activities, organization planning.
  3. Write and post periodic e-newsletter and participate/present in the ICCS & IICS’s academic activities
  4. By the expiration of the appointment term, publish at least one conference paper and deliver at least one submission for journal publication—both with relevant certificates.
Required Qualifications:
  1. Ph.D. degree; NOT limited to Taiwanese citizens.
  2. Strengths in project planning and performance are desirable.
  3. Experience in Chinese-English translation and editing skills are preferable.
  4. Relevant certificates or information for further reference and verification.
Application Materials:
  1. Fill in the Application Form for the Position of Postdoctoral Research Associate, and Personal Information of the Research Scholar.
  2. Copy of doctoral diploma.
  3. At least two of the most representative academic works within the past three years.
  4. Please describe your proposed duties/contribution in the ICCS project-- Conflict, Justice, and Decolonization: Critical Studies of Inter-Asian Societies. Identify your selection of working with a subproject or working across subprojects, and elaborate how to proceed with the related research based on your expertise.
  5. Submit electronic copy of application materials to: iccs@nctu.edu.tw, with the subject line as “Postdoctoral Fellow— xxx (your name).” Email submission is complete upon the reception of the ICCS’s confirmation email.
  6. At least two reference letters, sent directly to the ICCS by the referees.
Appointment Term: Appointed by National Chiao Tung University for 1-2 years in principle. In addition, a short-term appointment term may last until the end of 2018. Please do specify your expected appointment term.
Follow the salary rate of Ministry of Science and Technology, starting at NTD $56,650/month(before tax) for the first-year postdoctoral fellow.
Openings: Three
Application Deadline: May 20th, 2018
For more information regarding the ICCS, please visit: http://iics.nctu.edu.tw/en/spout If there is any question, please contact us via iccs@nctu.edu.tw or 886-3-5131531.

Please download
Application Form for the Position of Postdoctoral Research Associate

2.Personal Information of the Research Scholar