Renjian Thought Review Vol. 18

  • 2019-01-22
  • emily
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Renjian Thought Vol. 18 (Winter 2018) 
Table of Contents

Postwar Leftist Oral History Series: Yingzhen Chen as Clue
001 Leftist Pursuit from Lower-Class Social Movements in the Eighties to Today: An Interview with Cheng-hui Lin
Interview by Li-yun Lin / Edited by Ying-en Chen

002 The Leftist Subject Position of Exploration in Process: Notes on Cheng-hui Lin’s Interview
Jia Guo

Distribution, Mobilization, and Cultivation of #MeToo in East Asia
003 Editor’s Notes
Lau Pik Ka

004 On #MeToo’s Aftermath on Campus and the Possibility of “Divine Order Without Law”
Li-fang Lai

005 Will #MeToo Eventually Sweep Japan? Inquiries on Sex/Gender Politics and Temporality
Genya Fukunaga

006 #MeToo Movements in China 
Xinlei Sha

007 A Conversation with Lucifer Hung—The Innocent/Bloodless War Between Justice and Jurisdiction: Rethinking the Postwar Political Unconscious from Title IX and #MeToo
Interview by Lau Pik Ka and Jia Guo / Edited by Lau Pik Ka

Special Issue: Rethinking Taiwan’s Public Health and Medical System Under Capitalism
008 Editor’s Notes: Anxieties and Foresight—Fundamental Problems and Potential for Change in Taiwan’s Public Health and Medical System Under Capitalism
Yi-Yen Chen

009 Enlightenment and Practice: The Long Journey of Public Health Under Capitalism (Part 1)
Meei-Shia Chen

010 Overturning Mainstream Discourses: The Political Economy of the Indigenous People’s Drinking-related Health Problems in Taiwan
Tzu-Li Chen

011 Overturning Mainstream Discourses: Historical Analysis of the Tuberculosis Problem Among the Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan
Wei-Ping Kao

012 Fundamental Logic of the Continuous Suffering of Foreign Migrant Workers: U.S. RCA Workers in Taiwan as an Example
Chia-Min Liao

013 The Historical Development of Medicalization, Commodification, and Community Alienation in Taiwan’s Public Health Centers
Chih-pin Tsai, Chiung-Jung Chang, and Kuang-Lun Lin

014 Historical Analysis of the Shift in Responsibility for Preventing Tuberculosis from Public Health to the Individual in Taiwan
Ching-Ching Huang

015 Return to the “Proletarianization of the Medical Doctor”: Theoretical Concept and the Taiwan Experience
Chung-Yen Chen

On Union Organization and Youth Movements: 1223 Urban Guerilla Movement as an Example
016 Origin of the Special Issue
Ken-Liang Cheng, Chih-Chi Chang, and Hao-Zhong Wang

017 Introduction
Jung-yu Li, Tzu-ching Yang, Yi-hung Hsieh, Tzu-hsuan Su 

018 Beneath the Surface of “Reluctant to Leave,” What is Really Being Said
Jung-yu Li

019 Reflections and Objectives on the 1223 Parade Against the Labor Standard Laws
Tzu-ching Yang

020 “Alliance Between Laborers and Students” in the Campaign Against Removing the Seven-Day Vacations and the Labor Standard Laws Amendment: On Youth Movements Before 1223
Yi-hung Hsieh

021 Beyond “Citizen” Discourses, Highlighting the Frontline of “Youth/Student Laborers”
Tzu-hsuan Su

022 The Sun of Eight and Nine O’Clock Has Risen
Zackary Chang

023 Reflecting on a Street Movement That Went Beyond Expectations
Por-Yee Lin, Bo-qian Chen

024 Labor Rights Movements and Class Politics Between 2017 and 2018
Wen-Lu Hsu

025 Authors
026 Apology
027 Renjian Thought Call for Papers
028 Renjian Thought New Releases