Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Movements Volume 19 Number 3 September 2018

  • 2018-11-14
  • emily
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Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Movements   
Volume 19   Number 3   September 2018
(Special issue)
Theme: Uncommon commons: rethinking affects, practices, and spaces of urban activism in Asia
Editorial introduction
Lu PAN, Hyunjoon SHIN
Liminal space and place-fixing in urban activism
Shu-mei HUANG
Turning a home into the common: the micro-politics of subjectivitions in a cohousing community in Seoul
Didi HAN
Urban commoning for self-reliance and survival: subcultural activism in "Seoul Inferno"
Hyunjoon SHIN
Building the urban commons in Singapore: the cemetery, red-light district and public housing estates as sites of contestation
Danielle HONG
Pi village, with occasional music: performance of commonality and affective redistribution by the NWAT
The making of Gong/Kyou: visual archive and the common in contemporary East Asia
Mundi: articulating a post-umbrella common(s)
CHAN Kam Fai
Place-making and forming an affective commonality: sharing the ideas, skills and experiences against the capitalization of commons
Kenichiro EGAMI
Visual essay
The constellation: Asia alternative spaces and collectives
Dinghaiqiao mutual aid society: negotiating the common with by/through the urban daily
Soeng Joeng Toi: Opening Fissures Towards a Platform and a Bridge
Guo Yun and Li Xiaotian