M.A. Thesis Proposal Oral Examination Announcement: Yu, Fen-Ni

  • 2022-04-08
  • Angelo

M.A. Thesis Proposal Oral Examination Announcement

International Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan (IACS-UST), NTHU



Time22nd, April, 2022. 10:00a.m.

Venue Room: B303, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTHU

StudentYu, Fen-Ni


Thesis Topic:

Embodying as the Modern Spectacle: the Rhetoric of Affect/Emotion, Aesthetics and Identity of Shamate’s Liquid Charisma



Joyce C.H. Liu (Specially Appointed Professor, Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, NYCU)

Jui-Hua Chen (Associate Professor, Institute of Sociology, NTHU)



I-Chieh Fang (Associate Professor, Institute of Anthropology, NTHU)