[CALL FOR PAPERS] War, Conflict, and Violence in Our Present: Prospects for Peace and Resolution

  • 2022-05-03
  • Angelo
War, Conflict, and Violence in Our Present: Prospects for Peace and Resolution


 Dear Colleagues, 

We are pleased to invite you to submit your papers to Conflict, Justice, Decolonization – a student-led project that focuses on critical studies of inter-asian societies.


 Topic of Interest:

 War, Conflict, and Violence in Our Present: Prospects for Peace and Resolution


 Throughout human history, war, conflict, and violence - or the threat thereof - have been an endemic feature of the human experience. Such quarrels, according to Thomas Hobbes - a 17th century English philosopher - are the result of the very nature of man. “In the nature of man,” wrote Hobbes (1651),  “we find three principal causes of quarrel: first, competition; secondly, diffidence, thirdly, glory.” Whether or not Hobbes was right, our present moment calls us to engage with the wars, conflicts, and violence at all levels, whether it be community, state, or any other level. Some of the questions worth asking are: what are the sources of conflict? Who is affected and how? What has been the trajectory of the conflict and where might it lead? In asking these questions, ultimately, it is also important to envision a different state of affairs - that of peace and resolution.


 With this call for papers, CJD is seeking contributions that deal with wars, conflicts and violence in our present moment at all levels. We invite the submission of papers related but not limited to:


  • The current Russia-Ukraine war 俄烏戰爭
  • China-Taiwan tensions 兩岸局勢
  • US military involvement in the Middle East 美軍在中東
  • The new Cold War 新冷戰
  • Media representations of war and conflict (e.g. why are some wars widely reported while others are neglected) 關於戰爭與衝突的媒體再現分析(例如,為何一些戰爭被廣泛報導,但另一些戰爭被人遺忘)
  • War and refugees 戰爭與難民
 We welcome contributions from multiple perspectives. Articles should be 2,000 - 3,000 words if written in English and 3,000 - 4,500 characters if written in Mandarin Chinese. We accept scholarly articles, conference reviews, interviews, photo essays, video essays, book and film reviews. We welcome both single-authored and co-authored manuscripts. 

  How to Apply:

 Interested contributors are requested to fill out the application form provided by CJD.


 Link to the application form: 


 Manuscript Specifications:

 The abstracts’ length should be 300 - 400 words for English papers and 450 - 600 characters for papers written in Mandarin. The deadline for abstract submission is May 31, 2022.




 When submitting the completed manuscript, authors are expected to include two relevant images and their web links. One image will serve as a cover image and one as a body image.


 NB: PLEASE ENSURE THAT IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT FREE. We recommend searching for images on Flickr or other image depository sites. Please follow this link for an exemplary CJD article: Exemplary Article

 Selected articles will be published on the CJD website (ISSN: 2709-5479) and in a special issue of our booklet (ISSN: 2709-7943). Authors of selected articles with a Taiwanese post office bank account will be awarded 4,000 NTD per article. 
 被接受的文章會發表在「衝突、正義與解殖:亞際社會批判研究計劃」(CJD)平台上(ISSN:2709-5479)以及由CJD出版的特刊(ISSN: 2709-7943)。如果作者居住在台灣並擁有台灣的銀行帳戶,我們將提供每篇文章4,000台幣之稿酬。
 For any questions or inquiries, please visit https://cjdproject.web.nycu.edu.tw/ or contact us at iccs.cjdproject@gmail.com