Renjian Though Review  Number 22

  • 2020-05-28
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Renjian Though Review  Number 22    Spring 2020
Table of Contents

【Postwar Leftist Oral History Series (12): Yingzhen Chen as Clue】
001 Looking Back to Move Forward: Interview with Zeng Jianmin
Interview by Li-yun Lin and Huang Qichun︱Edited by Chen Ranyong

002 Notes on Zeng Jianmin’s Interview
Chen Ranyong

【Special Section: Interview with Korean and Japanese Leftists: Yingzhen Chen as Clue (Continued)】
003 Editor’s Notes
Editorial Office

004 Tenacious of Purpose and Reflecting with Self-practice: Interview with Choi Won-sik
Interview by Chen Kuan-Hsing︱Interpreted by Jiwoon Baik︱Translated and edited by Song Jiapai

005 Return of History after the Candlelight Demonstrations: Why Literary History
Choi Won-sik︱Translated by Yeon Gwang Seog︱Edited by Jiwoon Baik

【Special section: Kedai Hitam Putih.Ten Years】
006 Editorial Notes
Show Ying Xin

007 Kedai Hitam Putih: A Publisher that Cares
Eko Prayitno Joko

008 Doing Business
Zaidi Musa

009 Museums and Fillers: Where is Our Root?
Zaidi Musa

010 Sukhirin, History and Tourism 
Zaidi Musa

011 Wiji Thukul: Living poetry 
Zaidi Musa

012 Blora: Teak wood and PATABA
Zaidi Musa

013 Foreword of Malaysian version of Pram in Shackles and Moscow Anecdotes 
Soesilo Toer

014 Review of Spirituality, Quantum Physics, and Humanity: A Monologue
Xu Chengxian

015 Review of People Empowerment: Analysis and Resistance
Zaidi Musa

016 Publications of Kedai Hitam Putih(-2019)

【Visual Essay: Hong Kong Protests & Everyday】
017 Introduction: Hong Kong Protests & Everyday
Lee Chun Fung

018 Photo Selection
Lee Chun Fung

【Rethinking in Asia】
019 Rethinking Orthodoxy and Heresy of Christianity in South Korea during the Covid-19 Pandemic 
Yeon Gwang Seog

020 Light and Shadow: Rewriting of Ma Zhiyuan’s Apparition of a Lonely Goose in a Dark Dream in the Autumnal Han Palace and Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll's House
Zeng Yuxuan

021 Creation Background
Zeng Yuxuan

【Contemporary History】
022 Editorial Notes: Don’t Forget Where We Are From, to See Where We Should Head For
Chen Ranyoung

023 “Troublesome Students” and “Hong Kong Snakeheads”: Memory of the Time of French Intellectuals Joël Bellassen and Michel Bonnin who Visited China in the 1970s 
Wang Shuliu

024 Authors and Translators

025 Corrigendum notice for Renjian Thought Review, Number 21

026 Renjian Thought Review Call for Papers    

027 Renjian Thought Review New Releases