Problems and Prospects of Cold War Studies, Considering at the Location of Taiwan: Focusing on 

  • 2023-02-21
  • Cindy
【Knowing Asia through War X Knowing War through Asia】

從亞洲認識戰爭/從戰爭認識亞洲 國際學術演講系列

NCCU IACS Lecture Series 2023 Spring


Topic:Problems and Prospects of Cold War Studies, Considering at the Location of Taiwan: Focusing on "Emotions" and East Asian Context


Speaker:Somei KOBAYASHI (Associate Professor, College of Law, Nihon University)



【About the Speaker】

Somei KOBAYASHI is Associate Professor of East Asian History and Korean Studies at College of Law, Nihon University. He received his BA, MA and Ph.D. from Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan. Before joining the faculty of Nihon University, he conducted research and education not only in Japan (The University of Tokyo etc.) but also in Korea (Seoul National University, Korea University, Kyung Hee University and Jeju Peace Institute), the U.S. (The University of Maryland and East-West Center in Washington), the U.K. (The University of Cambridge), and China (Shandong University). He is the author of Media Space of Koreans in Japan: Newspapers during the Allied Occupation of Japan (in Japanese) and he has numerous co-edited books, book chapters, and articles on media, propaganda, and cultural/public diplomacy in Cold War East Asia.


More details: https://www.law.nihon-u.ac.jp/english/research/professors/somei-kobayashi.html


【About the Lecture Series】

The International Master’s Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (IACS), which is established under the University System of Taiwan, offers courses under four clusters: "Critical Theory and Asian Modernity," “Visual Culture Studies,” "Contemporary Thought-trends and Social Movements" and "Gender/Sexuality Studies," offered jointly by National Tsing Hua University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, National Central University, and National Chengchi University. Under the cluster of "Critical Theory and Asian Modernity", the main research directions include civil wars in the context of modernity and Asian history, divided nations , World War II experiences, Cold War structures, and refugee camps. In addition, one of the research topics under "Contemporary Thought-trends and Social Movements" is "Memory, Experience, and Prospects of World War II."


In order to respond to the ongoing changes in current and future global affairs, to expand the existing research themes of the IACS program, and to highlight the research and teaching characteristics of National Chengchi University (NCCU), the NCCU Preparatory Office will host a series of lectures in the first half of 2023 under the theme of "Knowing Asia through War/ Knowing War through Asia". This lecture series will invite leading scholars from Taiwan and abroad to speak on "World War II", "Cold War", "Civil War" and other conflicts of different scales in modern Asia. As we stand in 2023, these war-related research topics have become more salient and important for Taiwan and Asia. Whether it is the ongoing military conflict between Ukraine and Russia or the escalating military confrontation and potential war crisis across the Taiwan Strait, these issue all reflect and remind us that the distance between "war" and ourselves is much closer than we previously thought.