How do films make us think?

  • 2019-09-05
  • qilds

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Course Title: "How do films make us think?"

Instructor: Prof. Alain Brossat

Course Schedule:

Course start from 108/10/14-11/18,Monday 10:00-13:00

Class Room: HA Building2  106A

Credit: 1 credit

​"Raising the question: 'How do films make us think?' amounts to ask ourselves how we pass from the stage of impressions, feelings, emotions, shocks.. - that is affects and percepts - to that of ideas and problems, that is something we can put into sentences: how do we pass from the language of cinema to that of philosophy, without leaving the realm of cinema and movie-making?. In other words: how do we pass from the condition of the viewer (spectator) to that of the "critic"? "