CALL FOR APPLICATIONS (14 February 2022) - Asian Graduate Student Fellowship 2022 & 17th Singapore Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian Studies

  • 2022-01-08
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The Asia Research Institute (ARI) of National University of Singapore (NUS) invites applications from currently enrolled PhD graduate students and junior scholars who have graduated with a PhD degree within the past two years (from the date of PhD conferral), whose research is focused on Southeast Asia, for the annual fellowship and forum:


WEBSITE | https://ari.nus.edu.sg/asian-graduate-student-fellowship-2022/


The fellowship program is open to graduate students currently enrolled in a PhD program in the humanities or social sciences, as well as junior scholars who graduated from a PhD program within two years from the date of PhD conferral, and whose research focuses on Southeast Asia, a region defined for inclusion in this program as ASEAN member countries plus East Timor. This opportunity will allow the recipients to connect with NUS on a virtual fellowship for a period of six weeks.


Successful candidates can expect the following benefits:


1.   Access to library and computer resources in NUS

You can look forward to excellent library access to e-resources at NUS’ main library (https://nus.edu.sg/nuslibraries).
NUS’ main library has 2 million volumes covering all topics.

2.   An appointed mentor/advisor on your research topic

3.   An opportunity to present your research paper at the Singapore Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian Studies to an audience of young international scholars and senior Southeast Asia specialists

4.   Exposure to webinars by various experts in the field


Intensive English Academic Writing Program (Optional)

A limited number of students will be selected to take part in a two-week long intensive course on English academic writing, to be held online. This program is specifically intended for students who still struggle with writing and/or communicating in academic English, often coming from non-English speaking backgrounds. This program may benefit students who require support in the English language in their academic courses.


WEBSITE | https://ari.nus.edu.sg/events/17th-singapore-graduate-forum/


This five-day forum, the seventeenth of an annual series of forums for PhD graduate students and scholars who have graduated with a PhD degree within the past two years, and whose research focuses on Southeast Asia, will be organised thematically online. Themes broadly reflect (though not limited to) the core research strengths of the Asia Research Institute, including the Asian dynamics of religion, politics, economy, gender, culture, language, migration, urbanism, science and technology, identities, population and social change.


The first two days of the forum will be dedicated to Skills Based Sessions during which senior scholars will address various topics such as:


·How to get published in peer-reviewed journals

·How to apply for international grants

·How to flourish as an early career academic


During the final three days, students will be given the opportunity to present their work in sessions organized thematically. Eligible students working on topics related to Southeast Asia are invited to submit abstracts based on research at an advanced stage (i.e. already completed data collection and analysis). If research plans were disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students are encouraged to submit proposals based on work in progress that critically reflects upon pandemic research modalities through methodological innovation. NUS students are also encouraged to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with students from other regions whose interests focus on Southeast Asia.


Successful candidates for the fellowship are expected to submit a draft of their papers by 27 May 2022. This paper will be shared with his/her local mentor in preparation for his/her interactions with her/him.


Those selected for both the fellowship and forum are required to send in a full-length paper (4,000-5,000 words) by 30 June 2022, and make a presentation on their work at the Singapore Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian Studies on 18-22 July 2022.


Please note that the paper must be based on your own work, and only previously unpublished papers or those not already presented elsewhere can be accepted.



Please click HERE for the application form. Candidates are to submit their applications by 14 February 2022, and successful applicants will be notified by mid March 2022.



For any other queries, please contact Ms Tay Minghua at aritm@nus.edu.sg.


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