The Taiwan-Hong Kong Top University Academic Alliance 2016/5/26,Chan Ka Ming


After Li Bingbing and Fan Bingbing Melt the Hollywood Audiences… :
Re-evaluating the Chinese “faces” in the Global Cinema Development

Dr. Chan Ka Ming
Lecturer, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
香港中文大學講師 陳嘉銘博士

5月26日13:30-16:20/May 26, 13:30-16:20
R106A, HA Building 2, NCTU
主持人:劉紀蕙教授/Moderator: Prof. Joyce C.H. Liu

The participation of the Hong Kong and Chinese filmmakers in Hollywood and other overseas film production are not uncommon nowadays.However this kind of participation, especially with the analysis of Chinese / Hong Kong stars’ performance in the U.S. film representation, reflects “Chinese Face-Off”. This is a thesis proposed by Lo Kwai-cheung in 2005 highlighting the “double negation” of Chineseness in Hollywood films – firstly negating the Chinese / Hong Kong subjectivity and secondly negating the plurality of Chineseness with the stars always casted as stereotyped Asian characters.

In this lecture, I will review the participation of Chinese and Hong Kong filmmakers in the U.S. cinema production. With the review, the “Chinese Face-Off” thesis will be discussed. Furthermore, with the development of Chinese big-budgeted cinema in targeting the world audiences, a new perspective on seeing the Chinese “faces” withrespecttofilmic representation will be developed. There are two directions of analysis - (1) the persistent participation of Chinese / Hong Kong stars in Hollywood, and (2) the making of Hong Kong – Chinese – Hollywood cinema co-production with the concern of China, Asia and world markets. The analysis not only can shed light on the new perspective in seeing the Chinese “faces” but also provide a framework for discussing the Asian “faces” with the rise of East Asian stars joining the world cinema.  


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