2016 IICS & IACS-UST Reunion & Student Orientation on 24th SEP.

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  Invitation to Attend 2016 IICS & IACS-UST Reunion & Student Orientation
We are delighted to invite you to the 2016 International Institute for Cultural Studies (IICS) & International Master’s Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (IACS) from the University System of Taiwan (UST) reunion & student orientation. 
IICS & IACS-UST is grateful to have your dedication and support. During the past year, we carried out the projects of “The Taiwan-Hong Kong Top University Academic Alliance,” “TEEP Winter Camp,” and “Scholar-in-Residence Seminars on Transnational Network for Critical Inter-Asia Cultural Studies.” In the next five years, IICS offers a new focus for research on “Conflict and Justice: Inter-Asia Societies in Global Context,” concerning issues including structure of power, social transformation, urban ecology, minority groups, migrant bodies, and knowledge production. We cordially invite your participation in our research clusters and continuous support of the transnational research approach.      
The meeting will also be marked by a student orientation for IACS-UST. For the coming school year, we have recruited 15 graduate students. As of Fall 2016, the Master’s Program has 41 students and 4 graduates from 12 countries. With excitement, please join us in welcoming our new students. We hope our meeting will get the new semester off to a great start.  
We look forward to seeing you soon!
Joyce C.H. Liu (Chief Director, IICS&IACS-UST)
Kuan-Hsing Chen (Director, NCTU Office)
Naifei Ding (Director, NCU Office)
Ding-Zan Li (Director, NTHU Office)
Jui-Ch’i Liu (Director, NYMU Office)

13:30~14:00 Registration
14:00~14:05 Introduction and Welcome
14:05~14:15 Guest Remarks
14:15~15:35 IICS and Research Clusters Overview
15:40~15:50 Students’ Experiences of Studying IACS
15:50~16:20 IACS New Students Self-Introduction
16:30~17:30 Tea Time
Venue: NTHU Macronix Building 1F SMILE CAFÉ

DATE: September 24, 2016 (Sat.)
Location: Learning Resources Center, Distance Room A, Macronix Building 3F, National Tsing Hua University