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News Important Hot 恭喜亞際學程碩一的黃凱薈同學 榮獲湯姆森基金會(Thomson Foundation)的 #青年記者獎 (Young Journalist Award)
IACS_News Important Hot 文學與文化系列演講144 在廢墟重現《郊遊》
News Important Hot 2021年第二階段 碩博獎學金獲獎同學名單
IACS_News Important Hot 《落地轉譯:臺灣外文研究的百年軌跡》新書線上講座
News Important Hot Re-Articulations: Trajectories of Foreign Literature Studies in Taiwan
IACS_News Important Hot The City.Other Places.Towards the Present Time: Fleurs des Lettres and the Writings of These Years
OtherEvents Important Hot 《書之參贊與超越:藝術家的書》(Artists’ Books: Mediating Heterogeneity) 展覽開幕茶會暨座談會
IACS_News Important Hot The Sino-ASEAN Infrastructural Nexus: Herding Cats: Collective Action and Commitment Challenges in ASEAN’s China Approach
OtherEvents Important Hot J.C.R.R and the Media Aesthetics of Cold War
IACS_News Important Hot Zone of Entanglement: Sound-haptic Space, interwoven Threads of Cloud and the Cultural Inter-coding of Soft-documentary, // Soft:Doc — LH, SOLID, LETTERS, VOYANT
OtherEvents Important Hot Image--Interface--Computing: The Historical Development of Digital Image Ontology
News Important Hot 人間思想 26期 出版
News Important Hot 權宜船漏洞多 外籍漁工控訴:常遭船長毆打、日做16小時
News Important Hot 學者聚焦「福牲11號」漁工慘況
IACS_News Important Hot Inter-Asia Cultural Studies lecture series 2021 Fall