Date Title
Important Hot Repetition and Difference: Posthuman.Diverse Species
Important Hot 梅札朵拉 (Mezzadra )講座|廢奴的人類願景:疆界鬥爭、遷移與移動自由,於三餘書店
Important Hot ACS 2023夏季學校主題演講(keynote speech) Individual sessions are open for registration, registration extension.
Important Hot (次)帝國的欲望:《惑鄉之人》中的跨國親密與冷戰和解
Important Hot 與Michael Hathaway教授共同探討多物種方法論
Important Hot Memory Landscape of City: Three times occupation of Tokyo
Important Hot IACS & IICS UST Freshman Orientation & Faculty Reunion 2023
Important Hot 藝術學學門前瞻/跨領域系列講座(2022-2024)之七
Important Hot  IACS Thesis Proposal Oral Examination Announcement :Huang Szu Chi
Important Hot 線上學習課程:人類社會行為的多重主體模擬(首次來台灣推廣NetLogo的研究工具)
Important Hot 游於藝/e/溢/異 研讀班第二場經典研讀班【關於女鬼一二事】
Important Hot 地下油庫文資審議會勘~需要聽到民眾的聲音
Important Hot People in Motion: Bridging Borders and Building Futures
Important Hot International Master’s Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan:Open Enrollment for 2024
Important Hot M.A. Thesis Degree Examination Announcement (Pham Thuy Duong)
Important Hot M.A. Thesis Degree Examination Announcement (Lee Chun Fung)
Important Hot 論文口試公告:白真松
Important Hot 國立陽明交通大學 徵求計畫助理1名
Important Hot The Epistemology of Eros: The Politics, Affects, and Ethics of Male Homoerotic Literature
Important Hot Activity Report: IACS-UST Annual Gathering 2023
Important Hot Activity Report: Contemporary Violence of State Crime and the Making of Statelessness
Important Hot 側記 合拍潮流下的香港電影:政治張力下的動之以情&Dwelling and the Architectural Uncanny in the Cinema of Edward Yang
Important Hot Activity Report: Cinematic space of Taiwan New Cinema & Connecting Asia through War and Migration
Important Hot Activity Report: Topic1 : Strong Country, Masculinity, and The Castrated Idol Industry in China / Topic2 : The Infrastructural Turn in Film and Media Studies: Inter-Asia Perspectives