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News Top 異鄉人合作社6月活動資訊
IACS_News Admission List_2018 July ICCS_FUTH Summer School: Toward Decolonizing Cold War Knowledge: Facing Contemporary Border Politics
IACS_News 2018/05/16 (Wed) 14:30 Chua Beng Huat 講題 II:Pop culture as soft-power competition in East Asia 中央大學文學院二館 C2-114
IACS_News 新加坡大學Chua Beng Hua教授系列演講 :05/9_Disavowing Liberalism in Singapore(NCTU) ; 05/16_Pop culture as soft-power competition in East Asia(NCU)
IACS_News 05/09 15:00-18:00_新加坡大學Chua Beng Hua教授系列演講 I:Disavowing Liberalism in Singapore
Talent Education-Resident Researcher International Short-term Visiting Scholar
Talent Education-Postdoctoral Fellow Open Postdoctoral Positions
IACS_News 國立交通大學文化研究國際中心107年度玉山學者徵求公告
學生相關 Hot 4/17​M.A. Thesis Proposal Oral Examination Announcement-Student:Luo, You-Qi
IACS_News 《ROUTER:A Journal of Cultural Studies》NO.25
OtherEvents 2018年日本研究青年論壇徵文訊息
IACS_News 2018/3/27 NCTU_Anthroposcene Lecture _The Remoreselessly Unforeseen: How the History of Imperialism and the Capitaloscene Converge
IACS_News Welcome to join 2018 Summer University« Orient, Orientation, Disorientation » at Istanbul,Turkey.
IACS_News 2018/03/26 交通大學社會與文化所&北韓研究大學「南北韓心意整合研究中心」學術交流工作坊:北韓研究的歷史、現狀以及未來
招生訊息 台灣聯合大學系統107學年度文化研究類複試通知