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News Top Hot 2019/05/31 The 9th Japan and Taiwan Asia Future Forum— Knowledge of Imperial Japan and the Japanese Colonies: Taiwan and Korea
News Top Hot 4.26 (五)~4.28(日)焦慮的年代:馬來西亞影展在台灣 Age of Anxiety: Malaysian Film Festival in Taiwan/**朝向亞際平等共享社會系列
News Top Hot 2019 Migrant Worker Film Festival /朝向亞際平等共享社會系列 (2/22-5/26)
News Top Hot 交通大學文化研究國際中心獲得2020 CHCI-Mellon Global Humanities Institutes Awardees/交大社文所博士班研究生Fiza Vasudeva獲得全額補助
News Hot Theory & Methodology Workshop with Prof. Syed Farid Alatas/ 25 Apr, 2019, 2pm-5pm /HA Building 3, Room 101,NCTU
OtherEvents One Film One Journey 3: What about Tomorrow? - Southeast Asia Indie Film Forum
News 台聯大課程演講:4/25楊正顯老師主講 ── 「天理與人情」/Title: Justice and Sensibility
News 台聯大課程演講:4/25楊正顯老師主講 ── 「《婦人王氏之死》導讀」/ Guided reading on The Death of Woman Wang
News 台聯大課程演講:4/27成謹濟老師主講 ── 「在東亞藝術運動中的「樣式的政治化」現象探析」/ Title: Politicalize the “Style” and Cultural Confusion of East Asian Intellectual
News Hot 5/10(Friday) 15:00-18:00_Seong Nae Kim 金成禮(Sogang University, South Korea) _Ritual Mediations and the Postmemory of the Cheju Massacre in Korea 儀式媒介與韓國濟州島四三事件的後記憶_記憶政治與治理技藝:亞際社會的國家、民族與歷史
活動剪輯 12/13 記憶政治-媽祖與華僑的遺產化:生活記憶、文化治理與文化戰略-演講側記
活動剪輯 11/22 記憶政治-亞際社會的文化遺產後殖民城市的歷史身世與記憶政治-演講側記
活動剪輯 Notes on Cinema and community in the face of political and social instability: Karolina Breguła’s lectures on her artistic practices
News Hot 4/23 【De-colonizing Cold War Effects Workshop 1】Textual Gender Crossing: Male Homoeroticism in Boys' Love Manga and Mid-Twentieth Century Fiction by Lesbian Authors
News Hot 4/22 Reconsidering Heritage, Memory and the Postcolonial Museum