Category Title Date
IACS_News Top Hot Call for Papers_2018 July IICS_FUTH Summer School: Toward Decolonizing Cold War Knowledge: Facing Contemporary Border Politics
IACS_News Top Hot 新書出版:《​​歷史的記憶與日常:資本主義與東亞批判研究──哈若圖寧選集》
OtherEvents The 4th World Conference on Women’s Studies 2018
IACS_News NCTU Lecturers: The rising spirit and thought in China's new era
OtherEvents Launch of a journal for the critical humanities Ex-position (National Taiwan University -- Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures)
學生相關 IACS- M.A. Thesis Proposal Oral Examination Announcement- Ji-Ru Lu, 8th JAN, 2018.
IACS_News 2012/12/20 09:00-112:00非虛構寫作的技巧與倫理:一個中國女性抗爭者的觀點
IACS_News 2017/12/22SRCS:Jie Hyun LIM:A Global History of Victimhood Nationalism in the Post-Cold War Era
IACS_News 【call for paper】第12届国际文化研究学会的双年会(Crossroads)定在明年8月12-15日在上海大學举行
IACS_News 《文化研究》第24期出刊:集體展示之餘:脫節、不安,或是另類生命狀態的張力?
conference & workshop 12/8-12/9 藝術介入與社會批判: 亞際知識對話 Artistic Intervention and Social Critique: A Dialogue in the Inter-Asian Context
OtherEvents 11/23(THU)15:30【文學與文化系列演講九十六】編輯做什麼? 捕夢者到說書人
OtherEvents 11/21(TUE)13:30【文學與文化系列演講九十五】國土清理活化政策下的非正規住居-大觀社區
IACS_News SRCS 2017/11/29 :王虹凱、陳柏偉,講題:《關於「發」聲的一些問題》
conference & workshop Article Published: Young Scholars' Forum Critical Theories and Local Societies: How do philosophy, theories and concepts travel?