Category Title Date
Events 2017/10/31~11/3 Román Domínguez Jiménez TALKS( Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)--American Mechanics
Events 2017NCTU SRCS ∣ IACS Visiting Scholar Mini Courses
Events 2017/09/08 2017 IICS & IACS-UST Reunion & Welcome Party
Events UST Lecture:2017/06/06_10:30-12:30_​Pro.Dr. Wei-Wen Hsu【​傳播媒體與統計 - 如何收集有價值的資訊】
Events UST Lecture:2017/06/03 _13:30-15:30_Pro. Amy Villarejo:"Talking Heads: Video Art Beyond the Face"
Events IICS Lecture_2017/06/06_ 09:00-12:00 _Pro. Jun’ichi Isomae_"Listening to the Disquiet Voices from the Dead in Northeast Japan Colonialism"_ NTHU. HSS.C403
Events SRCS Wednesday Lecture:2017/05/31_14:00-17:00_ Pro.Sandro Mezzadra_"Democracy Under Erasure? The European Union and Its Multiple Crises"
Events SRCS Wednesday Lecture:2017/05/17_14:00-17:00,Dr. SHIE,SHENG-BO【民主轉型國家的改革與公民社會: 印尼經驗的啟示】
Events 2017台灣社會研究學會年會徵稿 年會主題:「另類實踐:批判性的社會行動」
Events 2017/5/10-5/11 Conflict, Justice and Decolonization Lecture & Workshop Series:​ Takashi Fujitani、​Lisa Yoneyama​
Events Conflict, Justice and Decolonization Lecture & Workshop Series
Events 土井敏邦(Toshikuni DOI) What Is Going On in Gaza, Palestine?
Events May 20, 2017--Welcome to 2017, 3rd Annual UST Student Sharing on Inter-Asia Cultural Studies.
Events 2017/05/04 14:30-17:30_Revealing the Hidden Modern Day Slavery: The Reporter's Feature'Fraudery, Exploitation, and Floating Sweatshop: The Bloody Truth Behind Taiwan’s Distant Water Fishery' as a Point of Departure
Events 20174/28(五)10:10【文學與文化系列演講八十九】記錄 傳播 戰鬥