The International Institute for Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan (IICS-UST) is Taiwan’s first ever inter-university academic institution that features innovative research and inter-disciplinary approaches to teaching in social sciences and humanities. 

Academic events

  • Conflicts and Decolonization: The Demise of the Colonial-Imperial Order and Human Sciences

    Sandro Mezzadra(義大利波隆那大學社會與文化思想史學系教授)
    Jon Solomon(法國里昂大學教授)
    磯前順一Jun’ichi Isomae(京都日本研究國際中心宗教學教授)
    板垣竜太Ryûta Itagaki(日本同志社大學韓國研究教授)
    井上間従文Mayumo Inoue(日本一橋大學語言與社會研究所副教授)
    Venue: HA Building 2, NCTU

  • Listening to the Disquiet Voices from the Dead in Northeast Japan Colonialism

    Speaker: 磯前順一Jun’ichi Isomae(京都日本研究國際中心宗教學教授)
    Time: 10:10-13:00
    Venue: R106A, HA Building 2, NCTU

  • 後現代自我反思劇

    Speaker: 林國偉(香港中文大學文化及宗教研究系助理教授)
    Time: 14:00-17:00
    Venue: R106A, HA Building 2, NCTU

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